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Gold Club Removals has over 20 years experience in home and business moves and know all their is about moving your belongings safely. Here are some of our frequently asked questions or you can contact us directly.

What Areas Do You Service?
We proudly services from Rockingham to Perth and from Rockingham right down the coast to Albany.

Do you offer free quotes?
Yes, we provide free quotes if you can provide us with enough information

When should I empty my fridge or freezer?
We normally load your Fridge on towards the end of the job. This ensures the fridge comes off quickly at the drop off. All food must be emptied from the fridge and freezer section. It is a good idea to have an esky available for packing these items on the morning of your move.

Should I unplug any appliances like our televisions?
Yes, please unplug any appliance big or small that need to be moved to your new home

Do we need to empty our Drawers?
Yes, as this will allow our team to safely load and unload your furniture without damaging any contents inside.

What should I do with my paintings?
Wrap and protect them with furniture pads, bubble wrap or picture boxes, which we will provide on the day of your move. For best protection, bubble wrap and or picture boxes are best.

It could be difficult for a truck to park outside my home. What should I do?
If you live on a busy street with a clearway, please notify us and we will arrange your start time accordingly.

Can my pot plants be moved?
Yes, we do move pot plants, however, we cannot ensure the safe transport of live plants, which can be traumatized by motion, temperature extremes, or the time in the moving truck. Plants cannot be stored. To make the plants easier to transport, try not to water them for a few days prior.