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Moving furniture is often the hardened part of any home replacement. As no two lounges are the same size carefully loading furniture can become a game of Tetris to ensure they aren’t damaged during transit.

All our trucks are have been designed to accommodate furniture of all shapes and sizes be that from your home or office. This assures that your furniture will be properly strapped down for safe travel in transit. Additionally, all the trucks are equipped with quilted blankets, straps, trolleys, dollies and the latest tools that will allow our removalists the ability to get the move done with speed and diligence.


Moving a Grand Piano is no easy task, and it requires and experienced removalist.   Our experienced team are fully equipped to operate all our Grand Piano moving equipment and administer all proper lifting techniques to ensure the safety of your grand piano. Our trolleys are fitted with large pneumatic tyres for smooth movement over uneven surfaces and high and irregular terrain.

Upright  Moving

Moving a  Piano can a be a tough task. At Gold Club Removals, we have trained professionals that have undertaken training to relocate these cumbersome and bulky items.


Over the last 20 years we have helped hundreds of home owners move their furniture into two story houses, apartments and homes with balconies using a king hoist.

Whether it is a sofa you require upstairs or you are living on a second floor our team can successfully and safely move your belongings up and over your balcony.

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Moving a pool or billiard table is a very complex and specialised procedure, which is why our team at Rockingham City Removalists are specially trained to relocate most sized pool tables.

Large Billiard Table Removal

With the table having to be accurately disassembled then transported in a correct manner(as the slate can be hefty and easily damaged), then re-assembled and levelled correctly we offer full insurance with each pool table move.


We proudly offer 6-day removals for both homes and businesses.


We charge on an hourly rate with absolutely no hidden costs.


With over 20+ years of experience, you can trust the experts at Mandurah City Removals.


As a family owned and locally operated business, our price are very competitive.

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Don’t trust your precious belongings to any one. Gold Club has been a part of the community for over 30 years and had moved hundreds of families safe and securely. We are a family owned and operated business that treats your home home as if it were our own.